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True Love Stories Never  Have Endings....

Welcome to Love Spaces By Jenay Balderas


Camille Front Cover.png

Camille Goode

She reveled in.... knowing. Knowing what she was going to do when she woke up in the morning. Where she was going to go. What she was going to eat. The unknown scared her. Maybe she was wound up a little too tight. She could admit to that. But when Camille Goode first laid eyes on Phoenix Tambour She knew that he was trouble. She just didn’t know that trouble was exactly what she needed.

Phoenix ‘Trouble’ Tambour

She was the complete opposite of him. Quiet and reserved. And he couldn’t exactly explain why he was so drawn to her. She was beautiful, but she wasn’t his type. She was too wholesome for him.  But there was a force that was stronger than his will to let her be. Phoenix Tambour wanted to corrupt her in the most beautiful way. And in so many aspects of her life, he would do just that.

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