Novels by Jenay Balderas

He Wasn't Good Enough For Me

​Jazelle has been with her husband Antonio, all of her adult life. She became obsessed with getting to know herself outside of the life she has with her husband. Soon she will find out that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. To what lengths will she go to find who she thinks she wants to be.
Antonio is hiding a secret that could completely dismantle his marriage. He is willing to do anything that he can to hide his truth. Even if that means getting rid of a few people in his life.

Karli is Jazelle’s best friend with a troubled past, and an addiction to the things that she can’t have. Other women’s men. Will Karli's addiction cause her to never know true love. Or will she finally meet the man that will knock down the walls she built and penetrate her heart in ways she never thought were possible?

Donte is a man that is down on his luck, but when he meets Jazelle, he sees an opportunity to get back on his feet. He's obsessed with obtaining a life that he feels he deserves. He’ll stop at nothing to get what he feels he deserves.
How far will these friend’s addictions take them? What will the outcome be? Follow them on the road to lies, deceit, and betrayal.

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He Wasn't Good Enough For Me 2


​Liars, Cheaters, Deceivers and Heartbreakers shall never prosper. After all of the secrets are put out onto the table, how will this group of frenemies cope? We all know that there is no escaping the consequences of our actions. For every action, there is a direct reaction. Watch as Karma takes this whole crew on a ride to remember. Jazelle, Karli, Eric, Antonio and Donte showed us all that they were not to be trusted. Will any of them redeem themselves? Will anyone find love? Does Karli die? Will Eric remain in jail?

Emily learns that all things done in the dark soon makes it way to the light. The secret that she has been hiding from her husband Javier trumps his infidelity with Karli in his eyes. What happens when Javier feels betrayed by Emily especially now that he holds her life in the palm of his hands.

Mya has fought mental issues ever since she was a child. Those issues followed her into adulthood. She was able to control her mental illness with medication but finding out about Donte Karli and Jazelle forces her over the edge. She knows no understanding when it comes to her husband and she will do whatever she has to do to make sure that no one else can have him.

Follow this crew as they get their lives together, learn to cope with the loss of their friends and loved ones and find a love that they have never known. They will soon find out why everyone in their pasts just wasn’t good enough for them.

Wishing It All Away: Karli's Story


Karli is a woman who is both reckless and careless. It seemed as if she had absolutely no moral compass and no regard for anyone other than herself. Her entire life was based on destroying the marriages of women who hadn't done a thing to her. If you had a husband, they were sure to fall victim to her devious ways. It was a game to her, and she played it well.

Believe it or not, she wasn’t always this way. She was once an innocent child who was just surviving in the hood. But you will soon find out what happens to a child who is used and abused in the worst of ways. Robert Johnson was Karli’s downfall. He came into her life like a whirlwind and flipped it completely upside down.

What happens to a child when they are molested by a man that they had grown to love? A man that she looked at as her savior and her hero. What happens when that child tells their mother of the horrid things that she had been going through, only for her mother to turn her back on her?

Watch as Karli tells HER story. This story is not for the faint of heart. Understand her. Sympathize with her. But try not to judge her.

Mend My Broken Heart : Matters of the Heart Series     (Book One)

Savannah Grace has had it with love. After the break-up with her ex-boyfriend Marcus, she is determined more than ever to leave love in her past and focus on finding herself. But when Blair Adams walks into her office, she finds out that she is not as in control of her destiny as she once thought.


Blair Adams, a convicted felon, was dumped by the mother of his child, Alaina, as soon as he walked out of the gates of prison. He’s hurt broken and on the verge of giving up on life completely. That is until he makes one last-ditch effort at finding a job. Not knowing that he was going to find something so much GRANDER than he ever could have imagined.


Together, they heal each other. Love each other and mend the hearts that their ex-lovers once had the power to break.

Before You Lock My Love Away

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees. Most people have a skeleton or two in their closets. But Keyon (Hondo) Baptiste has an entire graveyard hiding in his closet. Secrets that could cost him his life and the lives of the ones he loves. When he betrays his wife, the only person who knows of his secrets, he will learn the true meaning of the saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Drayon (Milli) and Maliyah are like the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. When Milli is out putting in work, she’s not too far behind. She has no problem walking over anyone to make sure her man is good. When Milli gets into some trouble with his connect, there is only one way that she can save his life. It’s unconventional. Dirty and grimy. But necessary to keep the man she loves from being locked away, six feet under

Braylon (Dolla’) is the youngest of the group. He’s the peacemaker and he looks up to his brothers. Both of them. But when one of the brothers makes a decision that causes the loyalty between them to be lost, their once unbreakable bond to break and trust to dissolve amongst the three brothers, will he be able to forgive him? Or will he become the same savage to his brothers as he is to the streets?

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A Heart at War: Matters of the Heart Series (Book Two)

Tori Grace Almonte is still very much in love with her husband. How could she not be? He's attentive, smart, loving and kind. The epitome of the perfect man. Until he's wasn't. When his indiscretions come to light, Tori is conflicted on if she should leave or not. How could she just walk away from a man that she'd loved for so long? But when Lance Marshall walks into her office, he steals her heart, serenades her soul, and gives her back all that she'd thought she lost.

Lance Marshall is a man of many flaws. And when his wife died, he swore to never love again. He never wanted to feel the pain of losing someone so close to him again. He could write a love song on the spot, but he knew that he'd never mean any of those words. But Tori's sweet spirit and calming nature pulls him in a direction that he didn't know his mind, body and soul needed.

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Don't Make Me Fall: Matters of the Heart Series (Book Three)

Mahogany Stone has been through a lot in her life. She's seen a lot. All of the things that she’d witnessed her entire life, shaped her into the woman that she was. Mahogany was never going to fall in love. Love was for the weak. For the weak-minded people who believed in fairytales and all the other BS that people fed us when we were younger. But there was just something about Karlos. He bugged her. He irritated her. He made her laugh and he made her cry. He...... broke her down and she never saw it coming.

Karlos Davenport is a playboy. Plain and Simple. And he’s not afraid to admit it. In fact, he’s proud of it. He’s so used to getting what he wants, and when he decides that he wants Mahogany, he’s shocked when she doesn’t want him back. So, he tries a little harder than he’s ever done before and he... he likes her. But does he like her enough to leave his playboy ways behind him??