Character Update: Jazelle & Javier


The First Date

Me and Javier’s first date was crazy. I mean everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It was probably three or four weeks after he bum-rushed me in the elevator and practically forced me to say yes to his date, that I actually got the nerve to do it.

Instead of taking me to a restaurant like a normal person would do on the first date, he took me to his mother and fathers house. Like seriously, who does that? I was aggravated for a couple of reasons. One being that, because I didn’t know that he was bringing me here, I was dressed in a low cut, high rise, skin hugging fuck me dress. It exposed all of my goodies. I’m going to be honest; I wore it because it had been a while since I had laid with anyone and your girl was a horny toad. I was expecting to give it up after dinner but, I guess that was out of the question now.

Second reason being, Javier was a mystery to me. Not to mention, I had never dated outside of my race before. I needed time alone with him so that I could see if I even liked him, now I was thrown into a situation where I was sure that I was going to be the only black person in the room. That was an uncomfortable situation in itself. Them being his parents made it worse. So now I was sitting in the passenger seat of Javier’s car with my arms crossed over my chest and an obvious attitude.

“Come on girl. It’s just my parents. You’re acting like I’m taking you to eat with El Chapo or somebody. Chill out. My parents are cool, and you’ll be fine.”

“I’m just saying, this is our first date. I thought that we would be alone. And you could have told me before we left my house where we were going, and I would have dressed a little less provocative.”

“I like what you got on baby. You look good as hell to me.” He responded eyeing me up and down and licking his lips. I almost got lost in his mesmerizing eyes until---


“What the hell was that?!”

“I don’t know.” He said as he stopped the car and hopped out. “Shit! It’s a fucking dog.”

I jumped out of the car and walked to the front of it to see for myself. So now not only was I upset, but now I was bent over in the middle of a residential street, ass out, checking on a damn dog.

“Oh my God Javier, I think it’s dead.” I whispered as I moved to touch the dog.

Before my hand connected to the animal, it hopped up and ran off so suddenly that it caused me to fall back on to the ground.

“Well, I guess it ain’t dead.” Javier laughed as he attempted to help me up off of the concrete that was still hot to the touch from the Texas heat.

I scoffed.

Standing to my feet, I dusted the dirt and rocks off of my back side and stomped back to the passenger side door and threw myself into the seat.

Pulling up outside of Javier’s parents’ house, I was taken aback by the size of their home. It was a beautiful grey and white mini mansion with a circular driveway. Once we got to the front door, a beautiful, silver haired lady swung the door open before we could even knock.

“Mi hijo. Te he extranado. Adelante!”

“I’ve missed you too mother. This is my friend Jazelle.”

“Jazelle.” She repeated. “A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. It’s nice to meet you. My son has been talking about you nonstop during our weekly phone calls.”

“Thank you. It’s nice to meet you as well Mrs. Medrano. And I hope it was all good things.”

“Definitely! Follow me.” she waved her hand for us to follow her out of the foyer.

I took one step, and the heel on my brand-new Fashion Nova heels broke off. I face planted right into the living room in front of his brother and father and a couple of other people that I didn’t know. My dressed raised to my hips and my bare ass and the string of my thong was on display for the whole room to see.


I was so embarrassed.

I wanted to call it a night and tell Javier to take me the hell home. Especially since him and his entire family were laughing at me and none of them were trying to help me up.

So, I just lay there.

Ass out.

Face down.

“Damn girl. You and gravity ain’t on the same page tonight huh?” Javier asked when he finally decided to help me. He pulled me to my feet for the second time tonight.

Clearing his throat, Javier’s father walked over to me with his hand out to shake. “It’s nice to finally meet you Jazelle. That was one hell of an entrance.”

“I’m so embarrassed.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Don’t be. Come. Dinner is ready.”

The food smelled great, but when Javier’s mother placed a bowl of---- I don’t know what they hell it was--- in my face, I got the sudden urge to barf.

It looked like a bowl of fat, cut into small pieced and drenched in a greasy, soup-based liquid. I sat their and stared at the clogged artery of a meal that these people expected me to eat.

Everyone else dug into their meals and I sat with my hands in my lap and my head down pretending that I was saying an extra-long prayer.

“Eat beautiful.” Javier whispered as he nudged me discreetly.

“What is it.” I whispered back.

“It’s Menudo. If you don’t eat, my mom is going to be offended. You don’t want to offend and old Mexican lady about her cooking.”

I looked across the table at his mother and she was staring right back at me while slurping up those little pieces of fat off of the spoon.


Now she was going to watch me until I ate some of this food.

I picked up the spoon and stuck it into the bowl. I lifted it, pulling out chunks of fat with hominy. I put the spoon into my mouth, and I tried my hardest to chew and swallow the fat.

Let me tell ya’ll something about me. I’m big on textures. I can’t put anything remotely slimy into my mouth without vomiting. No jelly, jello or jam. I don’t eat chitterlings. I don’t eat flan. None of that. So, when that food touched my tongue, you can understand why I threw up all over these people beautiful hand carved dining room table.

“What the hell Jazelle? Are you ok?” Javier asked me as I grabbed my napkin trying to lean the chunks of vomit from my dress.

“No, I think I need to go home. I don’t feel well.”

“I think your right.” Javier’s mother spoke.

On the ride back to my house, neither of us said a word to one another. We were just cruising along, until --- we weren’t.

“What’s wrong with your car Javier? Why did it stop?” I asked growing more and more annoyed.

“Ummm, I think I ran out of gas.” He scratched his head as if he was confused.

“What!? Why didn’t you get gas before you came and got me?”

“I was in a rush to get to you. I figured that I could get gas after I dropped you back off, but I guess I underestimated.”

“UGH! This has been the worst date ever. Maybe we shouldn’t have done this. This is a definite sign.”

“Man, stop tripping. I’m going to make this whole night up to you. Trust me.”

Looking back, I’m glad I trusted him. He made up for that horrible first date in more ways than one.

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