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Meet Karlos Davenport

Don't Make Me Fall: Matters of the Heart Series (Book Three)

Karlos Davenport is a playboy. Plain and Simple. And he’s not afraid to admit it. In fact, he’s proud of it. He’s so used to getting what he wants, and when he decides that he wants Mahogany, he’s shocked when she doesn’t want him back. So, he tries a little harder than he’s ever done before and he... he likes her. But does he like her enough to leave his playboy ways behind him??


She was so damn hot and cold. I didn't want to call her unstable but.... I mean.... the shoe definitely fit. One day she was in my bed.... calling me daddy. And the next day she was telling me that she didn’t want to see my stupid ass anymore. No explanation. Just an unwarranted, unjustifiable dismissal of me and whatever it was that we were about to build together. 

But I was never one to cry over spilled milk. 

There was no shortage of women in Ft. Worth. And I had no problem getting one.... or three, if I wanted them.

There was only one problem with that narrative. 

I didn’t want those other women. They were easy to come by and even more easily replaced. Mahogany was the only woman that I'd ever had to work for in my life. During my pursuance of her... I developed some kind of feelings for her. A strong like... Mixed with lust and desire and…. Want. I wanted her. I cared for her. And I might’ve done some things that would make that seem like a false statement but.... she didn’t know about those things.