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Meet Lance Marshall

A Heart At War: Matters of the Heart Series (Book Two)

Lance Marshall is a man of many flaws. And when his wife died, he swore to never love again. He never wanted to feel the pain of losing someone so close to him again. He could write a love song on the spot, but he knew that he’d never mean any of those words.  But Tori’s sweet spirit and calming nature pulls him in a direction that he didn’t know his mind, body and soul needed.


I didn’t think I had enough love to give another person. I was shut off from love and emotion. I hadn't felt anything in years. Yea I loved my sister and my parents.... but I loved them before everything in my world went bad. Back when life was good and didn’t torment me so much. Back when I had her. 

When my beautiful wife died.... so did I. I was like a zombie... my body was still here... but it wasn’t functioning properly, and my mind.... it was all confused and muddled. And any love that I had left was dedicated solely to my immediate family and music. They were my escape from my awful reality. I was a broken man. I had so many issues that I had yet to try and fix. But I was fine with who I was now. I didn’t see a reason to change.

I was who I was. Life had beat me down and stolen precious gifts from me. How could I walk around with a smile on my face everyday knowing that I was drowning inside of myself? How could I try to love something or someone again when at any moment, it could be taken away? It just didn’t seem worth it to me. Not to mention the fact that no woman could ever amount to the woman my wife, Noel, was. I hadn't met a woman yet that could hold a candle to her. She just had this sweet, calming, peaceful aura about her. She had the ability to make me feel like we were always going to be okay.... even in the midst of a storm. When life was whipping around us like a tornado, I always felt confident that we could reconstruct the damage. I loved her more than anything. And now I was a shell of myself without her. It hurt too much to lose the people you love. Who in their right mind would love again after experiencing a loss like mine?