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Meet Mahogany Stone

Don't Make Me Fall: Matters of the Heart Series (Book Three)

Mahogany Stone has been through a lot in her life. She's seen a lot. All of the things that she’d witnessed her entire life, shaped her into the cold-hearted woman that she was. Mahogany was never going to fall in love. Love was for the weak. For the weak-minded people who believed in fairytales and all the other BS that people fed us when we were younger. But there was just something about Karlos. He bugged her. He irritated her. He made her laugh and he made her cry. He...... broke her down and she never saw it coming.


I didn’t fall for things that the typical woman fell for. And I didn’t forgive.

I wasn’t the type of woman to fall for a man because of his smile or because he was nice looking. I didn’t forgive you just because you said you were sorry. No. It took much more than that to get me to even waste my time with a man. And even then... it was only one thing that he would ever be able to do for me.

And that was to send my body into euphoric bliss. Nothing more. Nothing less.

It's not like I've never tried. I've tried to step outside of my box. And it turned out to be one of the most.... unhappiest and unpleasant experiences of my life. It further solidified my view on the male species. 

Make me cum and then go home. That was my motto.

And believe me…. I know how that sounds. I’ve had my fair share of critics. Of people telling me how unsafe my way of life was. And I heard them. I took their words and stored them in a little box in the back of my mind. But the fact of the matter was…. I’ve had too many experiences dating back to early childhood that proved to me that men were worth no more than a good nut. 

I didn’t want to deal with matters of the heart. I had much more than I needed on my plate. So maybe Karlos had done me a favor. Gave me a chance to see and feel for myself exactly how much pain a man could cause you if you allowed him to.