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Meet Monte' Claire

Updated: Feb 20

Heart for Grabs - (Book One)

The truth is... I just needed to find someone desperate enough to marry me so that I could have access to my inheritance. The game show was supposed to be an uncomplicated way for me to do that. But Sammy unhinged me the moment I laid eyes on her. Because she was perfect. In every way. And I couldn’t fight the force that pulled me to her. Things weren't supposed to go this far. I was never supposed to fall in love with the girl that I met on a game show.


My mother was a sweet soft-spoken woman. Always with a smile on her face. Always giving kind words. Always a ray of sunshine on my dark days.

But, me. I was the opposite.

Complete and total opposite.

There were no rainbows or sunshine beaming off of me.

If I were to describe myself in just a few words, I would use words like… Blunt. Honest. No nonsense.

Others would use words like, rude. Disrespectful. Harsh.

I personally didn’t agree with other people’s assessment of me but.... to each their own.

When Sharla and Maxine came at my mother with disrespect while in my presence, I shut them both down. Immediately. And I said whatever came to my mind while doing it. If I felt like they were acting like a couple of wrinkled, old, hating bitches...... then that is what I told them.

I was never one to hold back. And I never would be. If they could dish it, then they should’ve been able to take it. And that went for anyone. Man or woman. Young or old. You respect me and I’ll respect you. But if you disrespect me…. then I violate you.