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Meet Sammy Coates

Updated: Feb 20

Heart for Grabs - (Book One)

It was a drunken dare. That’s it. There’s no way I would have thought things were going to turn out the way they did. He was annoying, rude, and just plain disrespectful. It was so hard just to sit through a date with him. But I kept him on the show. Because that’s what production wanted. But once I stopped playing the game, and allowed things to happen the way they were meant to...... I realized there was a lot more to Monte Claire than I had given him credit for. And everything that he was, was exactly what I needed.


“Oh my gosh, Sammy. Do you know how crazy this is? I knew you were going to get chosen. I just knew it.” She clapped her hands together. The expression on her face was dreamy. Like she was having visions of wedding bells and rainbows.

“Kenya. How could you be so sure? They could have chosen anyone.” I asked. Wondering exactly what Kenya put in that audition tape that would make them choose me.

“Because my friend. After all that you’ve been through with these no-good men... it's finally your turn. As unconventional as it may be... It's finally your turn.”

I nodded my head as I picked up my glass of mint lemonade and took a sip. A lot of things went through my mind as I stared back at my friend, who was still sitting right next to me. But the main thing that stuck out to me was.... this experience was going to be whatever I made it. I could walk into that studio with the mindset that this was all just a game. That there was no way I was going to find love on national television. And that would be exactly what I would take from it. I would walk back out the same way I'd walked in.

Or I could walk in there thinking that this was my chance to find someone that wanted to treat me right without me prompting them to. To find someone who wanted to love me without me begging them to. To finally have what I have searched for, for so long in all of the wrong men.

Needless to say. I was ready. Ready for whatever this experience had to offer.

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