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Meet Savannah Grace

Mend My Broken Heart: Matters of the Heart Series (Book One)

Savannah Grace has had it with love. After the break-up with her ex-boyfriend Marcus, she is determined more than ever to leave love in her past and focus on finding herself. But when Blair Adams walks into her office, she finds out that she is not as in control of her destiny as she once thought.


Before now, I never really thought of how common it was for a woman to raise a child on her own. Sure, I’d grown up with a single mother, but that was a situation that my mother chose to put herself in. She wasn’t forced into it. She wasn’t dumped like I was. I had never pictured this for my life. I’ve always envisioned myself having the perfect little family. The husband, the son, the daughter, and the dog. Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much control over my own life as I would’ve liked. My current situation had called for me to open my eyes and my mind. I had come to realize that not only did Marcus’ decisions put me here, but so had mine. I understood that I was not completely innocent in this situation. That I had assisted him in hurting me. I overlooked all of his character flaws. 

His indiscretions. 

His indecisiveness when it came to me. 

How – unimportant he made me feel at times. 

I didn’t demand that he respect me. Therefore, he felt as though he didn’t have to. I didn’t hold him to any standards. I was just happy to have him. 

How pathetic is that? 

I was so happy to have a man, so happy to be able to say that I was in love. I accepted whatever he decided to give me. And in accepting his semblance of love, I lost myself. I became the girl that was so used to being mistreated that it just wasn’t that big of a deal for me. It wasn’t a deal-breaker anymore. I was undervalued, and I learned to say; it’s fine, or I’m okay with it instead of realizing my own worth.