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Plot Twist (Heart for Grabs)

Meet the Contestants

“I can’t believe Tara.” I complained as I took another swig of the beer Monte’ had just brought me.

“Why not? She’s been all about everything but people actually connecting on a real level. She’s not in it for the love connections baby. She’s only in it so that she can create scenarios that she thinks people will tune in to. She wants viewers which in turn means job security for her.”

“I know Monte’ but…. I just don’t want to fake it with someone. I don’t want to be in a hot tub with anyone else. It’s like right when we were supposed to reveal that we have a connection, they want to switch it up. I’m just so annoyed with her trying to destroy what we have.”

He looked at me from his seat next to me. Turning to me and pulling my hand into his. “Baby, no one but us can destroy what we have. It doesn’t matter what direction they want to take the show in, Sammy. What matters is what we want. Do you want to be with me?” He asked.

“You know I do.” I responded quickly.

“Then nothing else matters. I don’t care how many plots, twists, or turns they come up with. My only concern is you and me. As long as when all this fake BS is over, it’s still me and you, then I won baby. Fuck them producers. And fuck this show.” He let go of my hand and sat back in his seat. “But they better hope I don’t know the location of your date with that lame ass Cameron Wilkes, because if I see him in a hot tub with my woman, I’m fucking all that shit up.”

“Oh my gosh baby, really? On camera and everything?” I asked amused.

“You better believe it. I’ll go stomping through that place like Godzilla.” He laughed out loud. “But seriously baby. It’s me and you. Nobody is changing that.”

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