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Teaser ThursDAZE

Updated: Nov 18, 2021


It had only been four days since I found out that Ramon was cheating…. again. He’s cheated so many times that I just kind of gotten used to it. But this last time.... it was just so blatant and in my face that I didn’t have any other choice but to walk away from him.

I mean, imagine coming home early from work. You’re tired. Your feet are sore. And you just want to lay under your man. Maybe get a foot massage and vent to him about your day. But instead of walking in your home and seeing your man doing something productive. Cooking, cleaning, fixing something, or whatever good men do. You walk in on him and your favorite cousin.... your best friend since the beginning of life.... naked in a bed that you paid for.


I couldn’t explain in words how I felt at that moment. There was an overwhelming feeling of defeat that swallowed me whole. My eyes bulged out of my head at the scene before me. It

quite literally took my breath away. It took a few seconds before they even noticed me. They were so into what they were doing that they couldn’t be bothered with anything else and in those few seconds, my entire world was flipped upside down. Nausea immediately consumed me, and I just became…. weak. Like all of the fight that I should’ve had in me decided not to show up to this party. I didn’t even have the strength to yell, or curse or to stand up for myself in any way. It was just like I knew at that point that I had to be done.

I had to.

The level of disrespect was real. But though I knew that I was done with this man.... that this was the absolute last straw, his final act of betrayal still hurt.

It still hurt me, and I could not make it stop.