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The Bad In Each Other

Ok...... So this is my first read by this author and I have to admit..... it started out a bit slow for me. But a few chapters in.... I was drawn into the story with little warning. Saxon... for me, was a little hard to like. I mean come on, you're almost 40 and you're still making these stupid and unnecessary mistakes. I also feel that Birdie (love that name by the way) wanted so bad to hate and punish Saxon for hurting her, but she easily folded each time she was in his presence. I admit, I loved the back and forth. The push and the pull. To me, it makes for a good love story. I loved the cooking references and it was part of what pulled me into the story. The sex scenes were a little drawn out to me but to be fair, i am not big on erotica. This story was definitely a mix of Romance and Erotica. Overall, love prevailed. And that's always the goal. All in all.... I give this book 4 Stars. ****

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