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Welcome to the new and intuitive dating game show Heart for Grabs (SneakPeek)

Updated: May 24, 2022

Signed Paperbacks will be available at the Sultry in the City Book Event

Welcome back to Heart for Grabs.” The host announced. He was a handsome older black man with greying sideburns and laugh lines. Voice deep but clear and precise. He had on a black suit that seemed tailor-made for his frame. Not one hair out of place.

“The all-new dating game show where you put your heart on the line for 8 lucky suitors. There are more than 60 million single adults in the U.S and here at ‘Heart for Grabs’, we have a new and intuitive way for singles to meet. I’m Richard King, your host. By now all of you in the audience and everyone watching from home knows how this show goes. We have what we like to call the ‘grabbee’ go on several dates with the ‘grabbers'. Remember, our in-house matchmaker matched these people based on personality traits and compatibility. And at the end of each show, our viewers will send one ‘grabber’ home. Some of these dates have gone very well. Wouldn’t you agree?” He asked the audience. They screamed and shouted their responses, while the host nodded his agreement.

But most of them have gone quite.... sour.” He frowned his face in disappointment as the audience Boo'd.

With that being said, tonight is the night that all of America has been waiting for. It’s decision day. Which of these lucky ladies will walk away with our guy and which one will have to walk off this stage with nothing? It’s up to you America. I don’t know about you all, but I'm excited to see how this is going to play out. My fingers are crossed. Hopefully, someone has grabbed and held on to our contestant's heart.”

“Now without further ado... Let us welcome back the guy we all love to hate. Kevin James... Come on out.”

Heart for Grabs, coming soon from Jenay Balderas

Signed Paperback copies will be available at the Sultry in the City Book Event.